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Behind The Scenes On Project: Eve

Upcoming third-person action game Project: Eve released a really strong boss battle trailer back in November and followed that up today with character and concept art – including what caught my eye the most: a look at how they create those crazy-looking monsters.

The NA-tive monster seen in the trailer was created first in clay, sculpted by hand, and then subjected to a high-density 3D scan to get that model into the game with all that fine detail intact.

I’ve always been interested in that part of the design process, so seeing how studios come up with the designs for the wild enemies is interesting. You’d have to think that being able to see and manipulate the model in real life is more engaging than seeing it on a screen, even if it adds another step to getting it into the game.

Project: Eve is under development by SHIFT UP, a Korean development studio founded in 2013 by Hyung-Tae Kim. For more information on the game, check out the teaser site or YouTube channel.