Video Game News and Reviews

Month: July 2020

Review – Terrorarium

Terrorarium, available now on Steam from indie studio Stitch Media, is heavily inspired by Pikmin but adds a heavy amount of user-generated creation to help keep things fresh. As The Gardener, players take the reins over an army of Moogu…

Playthrough: Destroy All Humans!

Playing through the 2020 version of ‘Destroy All Humans!’ remastered by Black Forest Games and published by THQ Nordic.

First 15 Minutes: The Touryst

The first 15 minutes of The Touryst, a new voxel-based game that’s just gorgeous in a tilt-shift way.

Review – Destroy All Humans!

This isn’t a great game, but it never really set out to be. It just wants to be a fun game you can turn your brain off for, and it’s a huge success at that. It’s a B-level game that apes B-movies and I love it to death for that still, 15 years later.

Dragon Quest XI S Coming to Xbox One, PC, PS4

Xbox lands another major Japanese title for Game Pass.

New EVERSPACE 2 Details Released Via Kickstarter Update

Kickstarter update shares major EVERSPACE 2 future content.

Xbox Summer Spotlight Demos

A playlist featuring the first 10-30 minutes of gameplay from some of the 60+ demos released as part of Xbox Summer Spotlight!

Perfect World Entertainment Sale On Steam

First-ever Steam publisher sale for Perfect World Entertainment brings big discounts.

Review – Golftopia

Create your own golf paradise, or nightmare, in Golftopia.