Video Game News and Reviews

Month: August 2020

Monster Harvest RPG Revealed at Future Games Show

Maple Powered Games brings a new twist on farming to PC and console.

Merge Games Unveils ‘Smalland’ at Future Games Show

The trend in gaming is to take everything and make it bigger, but ‘Smalland’ from Merge Games is going in the opposite direction and making things smaller – way smaller. Explore familiar environments from an all-new perspective in this multiplayer…

Gamescom – Star Wars: Squadrons Single-Player Trailer Unveiled

Jump into the cockpit of an X-Wing or TIE Fighter (along with other Rebel/Imperial ships) and battle it out in Star Wars: Squadrons this October!

Review – PGA Tour 2K21

Golf is a tough game at the best of times, and that’s a lesson that PGA Tour 2K21 carries with it. On one hand you can feel like a golfing god after nailing a difficult iron shot out of the…

Review – Mortal Shell

Cold Symmetry offers up one of the finest debut titles in video games.

Control’s AWE Expansion Launches August 27th

Final expansion for stellar action shooter hits August 27th.

Apple Store Policies Make xCloud An Android Exclusive By Default

Clash over store policies leaves Apple owners in the cold.