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‘Community Update’ Provides Sizable Improvements to The Waylanders

The Waylanders, a party-based roleplaying game (RPG) from Spanish indie developers Gato Studio, has just released a new update with sweeping changes to combat systems and a rebalancing of equipment stats.

The game had my attention as soon as it was announced it would have five base classes and 30 advanced classes, and the continued improvements to the game – currently available as part of the Steam Early Access and GOG Games in Development programs – are keeping that interest.

The latest update, dubbed the ‘Community Update’ because it pulls heavily from feedback and bug reports made by players, sees the dev team review every encounter in Act 1 of the game based on that feedback. But while balance changes will make battles more challenging, they’ve also revamped the full equipment list in an across-the-board change that drops max level from 25 to 10.

If that sounds like a nerf, it’s anything but as equipment keeps the same range spread, so every level is now a much more sizable boost. They’ve also changed the stat names from Intuition and Logic to the more easily understood Offensive, for those affecting damage of attacks and abilities, or Utility, for those that affect healing and damage over time.

Having trouble understanding how some abilities work? There’s been additional information added on that front as well, to help players make the best use of each action.

All that, plus over 150 bugs fixed? If you haven’t checked out The Waylanders yet, maybe it’s time. It’s on sale for 15% off on Steam until January 5th.