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First ‘Nine to Five’ Alpha Gameplay Footage Released

As the trailer for Nine to Five says, “Shooters can be smarter. Smarter can be more fun.”

Rainbow Six Siege has conclusively proven that gamers on both PC and consoles can be convinced to play a shooter that requires tactics and brainpower – not just the reflexes of a mongoose on copious amounts of cocaine, and Nine to Five is the latest game looking to make its own mark on that audience.

The title, going into alpha testing June 4th, is a tactical team-based first-person shooter that rewards proper strategy and player placement as much as it does steady aim. Being able to hit headshots consistently, for example, isn’t as useful when you’re being waylaid from a superior firing position by an opponent with cover…

The game’s set in a ‘near-future where corporations rule everything’ and if I’m being honest that doesn’t seem like it’s all that far into the future at all… Three teams of three compete for glory across three rounds, a format that I rather like if only for how much easier it makes it to get a group going…

Here’s the press release:

Redhill Games Releases First Nine to Five Gameplay Footage, PC Closed Alpha Begins June 4

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LOS ANGELES & HELSINKI – May 26, 2020 – Redhill Games has revealed the first alpha gameplay footage of Nine to Five, the new team-tactics first-person shooter that’s as much about outsmarting your rivals as it is outgunning them. In addition, Redhill has announced that Nine to Five’s PC closed alpha will begin on June 4. Players can sign up right now for a chance to join at

“We believe shooters can be smarter — and smarter can be more fun. We want teamwork to triumph over brute force and reflexes, giving players a refined shooting experience with the freedom to customize your game plan as you see fit,” said Redhill Games CEO Matias Myllyrinne. “You can expect plenty of rough edges and thrilling surprises in the alpha, and we’ll be engaging closely with the community for your feedback on day one.”

Set in a near-future where corporations rule everything and being a mercenary is just another job, each round of Nine to Five pits three teams of three against each other across three intense rounds with changing objectives. Every round influences the next, ratcheting up the tension and forcing players to constantly adapt their strategy to win, all in about 15 minutes per match.

About Redhill Games
Headquartered in Helsinki with multinational leadership and talent drawn from many of gaming’s top companies, Redhill Games’ core focus is creating high-quality titles that capitalize on the team’s extensive knowledge of extraordinary games-as-a-service experiences. Investors include Makers Fund and Play Ventures, as well as industry heavyweights like Unity founder David Helgason, Los Angeles-based investor and game executive Jason Kay, and Mika Reini, the former CFO of Remedy Entertainment.