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Grab Hue For Free From Epic Games Store

Think what you will of Epic’s foray into the world of PC games commerce with the Epic Games Store – and people definitely HAVE thought and shared a lot of things about the idea – there’s no denying the flood of free games has been pretty lucrative for gamers who don’t mind installing a new launcher.

My Epic Games Launcher library is already just a few games shy of 100 titles thanks to the weekly giveaways, review copies, and the scattered sales they’ve held – and I missed a few weeks here and there where I was away and didn’t think to redeem the available games!

Don’t make that mistake – grab Hue, a colour-based puzzle/platform game. Change the colour of the background on the fly to radically change the environment. Hide dangers! Expose new platforms! It’s more fun than that sounds, trust me.

Nor your thing? Well next week is Killing Floor 2, Lifeless Planet, and The Escapists 2!

Go here to claim your games.

Don’t have a PC right now but you might one day? Make an account – they’re free – and claim the games anyway! Why miss out?