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Moving Goalposts: We Have Always Been At P̶e̶a̶c̶e̶ War With Nintendo

So let’s talk about moving goalposts…

For months now Microsoft and the team at Xbox have been taking a ton of flak over their cross-gen stance, and that’s putting it mildly. Everything from “it’ll hold back games” to “there’s no next-gen excitement” has been tossed at the wall like monkeys throwing crap at the zoo…and for what?

For it to be OK when Sony announces, at the 11th hour, that their approach is exactly the same and that games like Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Horizon Forbidden West, games that people were praising as ‘finally a truly next-gen experience’ unfettered by the lowly hardware that preceded them, are in fact cross-gen? You’re just moving goalposts to make sure ‘your’ team is still ok.

Let’s not pretend this is a one-off either. Remember the confusion that surrounded the ‘console launch exclusive’ terminology? It seems pretty clear – it’s exclusive at launch and won’t be later, aka a timed exclusive. That set off the ‘concern‘ though. What did it mean? How long was it exclusive? Why didn’t they tell us – at this Xbox event – that it was coming to PS4 later?

Now check out today. Final Fantasy XVI gets announced as a console exclusive and people are – to put it mildly – stunned. Why would Square Enix do that, especially after cutting a deal with Microsoft to finally put out a slew of Final Fantasy games on Xbox Game Pass?

Well the answer is money, but also that it’s not actually an exclusive. It’s a timed exclusive, a revelation shared in a later trailer – but not at the showcase. Moving goalposts…

I don’t blame any company for not mentioning the game will be out on another platform in the future, or even at the same time – but there’s a world of difference between omission and untruth, and saying that something’s an exclusive when it’s not is pretty clearly the latter.

But this isn’t really about them, it’s about the fans that enable it.

If you just spent three months crowing on Twitter about how Sony was going to destroy Microsoft because of cross-gen games, shut up and eat that crow…and remember this next time.

If you ranted about Xbox ‘lies’ over timed exclusives, or that they bought timed exclusives in the first place, keep in mind that Final Fantasy XVI, Deathloop, Ghostwire Tokyo, Kena, Oddworld, Demon’s Souls, and Godfall – all billed as ‘console exclusives’ are – in fact – timed exclusives. Shut up and eat that crow…and remember this next time.

If you said Game Pass ‘devalued’ games and wasn’t ‘sustainable’ but think PS Plus Collection is a great addition, maybe – you guessed it – shut up and eat that crow…and remember this next time.

It’s not like Sony fans are the only ones that need to work on their memory though – remember how power didn’t matter (Xbox One launch) then it did (Xbox One X launch) and now it maybe does with the Series X? Hey guys, shut up and eat that crow…and remember this next time.

Maybe try being happy with what you have and what you are getting, not what the other guy’s not getting. And hold these companies to a higher standard, not a double standard.