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Othercide Combat Shown Off In ‘Fighting Shadows’ Dev Diary

Othercide drips with style. From the graphics being black and white with blood-red highlighting, to the character and environment design, to the ‘read-and-react’ flow of combat – every bit of it is memorable.

The combat systems get a deep dive in the latest epsiode of the Othercide Webseries, entitled ‘Fighting Shadows’ with creative director and CEO Anders Larsson and art director Alexandre Chaudret offering their insight into the process.

Othercide is slated to release July 28th and pre-orders for the game are already live for Steam and Xbox One with a 15% discount. Pre-orders for the PS4 version should be going live soon, you can check to keep updated on the progress on that front.

The game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch as well, but there’s no date attached to that release yet.