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Pre-Order ‘Tower of Time’ Now on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One

Action-RPG fans with a Nintendo Switch or Xbox One should hit the stores immediately to grab a pre-order for Tower of Time. Not only does it grab you a solid RPG – check back on the 22nd for our review – but you’ll get a 20% off launch discount to boot!

The 50+ hour campaign will call on all your RPG skills to defeat, throwing you up against 50 bosses and over three times that many enemies. Fortunately the real-time combat system also offers the ability to pause, survey the battlefield, and issue commands to help turn the tide in your favour. You’ll need to upgrade your gear, find new more powerful gear to replace it, and use smart battlefield positioning and tactics if you want to succeed.

Tower of Time releases June 23/24 on PS4, June 25 on Switch, and June 26 on Xbox One.

You can pre-order Tower of Time on Nintendo’s eShop here:

Xbox One owners can grab it on the Xbox Store here: