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Review – Moonlighter: Between Dimensions

Moonlighter was a solid, if somewhat under-appreciated game that explored the background elements of “normal” games – you not only did the exploring and adventuring, but you also sold off all that gear in your shop. A rather large portion of the game was spent in your shop, haggling with customers, and stopping shoplifters. You not only had to worry about building your power level to get into the more lucrative parts of the dungeons, you also had to make sure your shop was set up to sell off that high-end gear.

So how do you expand on that with DLC? If you’re the team at Digital Sun you drop in a new dungeon, 10 new enemies, five new minibosses, a slew of new weapons, a new set of armour, trick weapons – new weapons that sport amazing abilities but also incredible drawbacks, new rings, new shop upgrades, new customers, new storylines and new thieves after your shop’s goods…

Trick weapons are probably my favourite part of the whole expansion, which says a lot because – again – this includes an all-new dungeon, five minibosses, and all kinds of other weapons and armour. The weapons aren’t the most powerful, but they’re the most fun to play around with thanks to their abilities. The morning star fires off an are of effect (AoE) attack with every third strike, while one of the bows shoots arrows that all explode in an AoE. These aren’t incredibly overpowered weapons though, because they require a payment of health every time you use them – not great for those of us who like to spam that attack button.

Moonlighter: Between Dimensions is a fun expansion DLC for a great game that more people should experience. If you haven’t played it yet, grab the game and the DLC and get to it.