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RPM Tech Revamp For UFC 4

EA’s RPM Tech (real player motion technology) was first introduced a few years back, with the basis of it powering titles like FIFA 18, UFC 3, Madden NFL 19, NBA Live 19, and NHL 19, allowing a great deal more player mobility while also raising the bar on realistic movement.

That tech got a bump for the next year’s releases, with NHL 20 introducing RPM Tech 2.0 allowing for on-the-fly puck pickups as well as much better player control – and it’s that revamp that I’m hoping to see in UFC 4 as it gets its own RPM revamp.

RPM Tech was used in UFC 3 to add realism to the striking side of combat, but UFC 4 sees it incorporated into the clinch, takedown, and ground and pound as well. This should help eliminate the weird glitch animations and arm/leg traps that plagued past games, as well as make the transitions more situational and smooth.

I’m really interested in seeing the revamp and how important positioning is going to be in UFC 4 with this new animation system. Picking your spot is likely to be more important than just swinging for the fences, especially if the takedown tweaks can be used to punish button mashers.