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Seagate Releases Cyberpunk 2077-themed External HDD

Seagate has been a pretty solid option for gamers who need external storage for their console of choice, and their limited edition drives give you both storage and style.

They’ve partnered with Sony recently for a The Last of Us Part II Game Drive, and have partnered with Microsoft for a number of limited edition releases, including special editions for Xbox Game Pass, Jedi: Fallen Order, and a SSD one in 500 GB, 1 TB, and 2 TB versions that I’m incredibly curious about trying to see what difference it makes.

The latest variant is an all-out Cyberpunk 2077 edition that gets you a 2 TB or 5 TB storage decked out in a suitably cyberpunkian style.

While these game drives have all been released for Xbox One they will be supported by the Xbox Series X as well, though it’s important gamers remember that external HDD aren’t able to be used to play Xbox Series X games from when the next gen games hit. That said, large external HDD will be incredibly valuable to people with low data caps, who would rather move a game to cold storage than have to download it again so maybe it’s worth checking these out.

You can find Seagate’s line of Game Drives for Xbox here.