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So here we are

I’ve written the Game Misconduct column for the Star News paper for…well, longer than I can remember. Something like 16 years?

Stepping away from the column has been something I’ve considered time and again, especially after leaving the paper itself, but it never really felt right.

“Why don’t you start your own site?”

Man, how many times did I hear that… I’ve written for a handful of other places over the years: Incite magazine, EGM, a plethora of lesser-known gaming websites…so why not ‘just’ start my own website?

The problem I’ve had is sticking to a schedule. I have kids, the youngest of which is two and takes a ton of my time, and a full time job in sales at a Ford dealership.

But I do have this burning need to share my dumb opinions on games, so let’s see how this works out, shall we?