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Sony Reveals PS5 Price and Release Date

With a Wednesday afternoon showcase, Sony finally unveiled its plans for the PS5 price and release. The console, in both its regular and digital-only versions, will launch on November 12th in Canada for $629.99 and $499.99 respectively.

The announcement cedes the low-end price point to Microsoft’s Xbox Series S, which will hit shelves two days earlier at $379 Canadian, but the buzz has been surrounding the $130 difference between the two models. Sony clearly doesn’t mind if people want to go all-digital, knowing they’ll make back that loss thanks to the increased cut they get from digital game sales. Unfortunately, though both the PS5 and Xbox Series X are stickered at $499 USD, Sony didn’t give Canadians the same generous currency conversion Microsoft opted for with their $599 CAD price tag.

Sony also showcased several games, confirming the Spider-Man game starring Miles Morales will be a launch title alongside Astro’s Playroom (pre-installed), Demon’s Souls, Destruction All Stars, and Sackboy A Big Adventure. Those not upgrading at this time got some good news as well, with confirmation that Spider-Man and Horizon Forbidden West would both be coming to PS4 as well as next-gen.

A God of War teaser indicated a 2021 release date but given the amount of COVID delays the industry has seen and how early it appears to be, I’m not sure they’ll stick to that release window. Final Fantasy XVI was also announced as a timed exclusive, also targeting 2021, but it’s Final Fantasy so expect that to need more time in the oven as well.

PS4 backwards compatibility was again confirmed, now with word that “99 percent” of the games tested can be played on the PS5. Hopefully, Sony will release a list of the games that don’t work ahead of the console’s release. PS Plus Collection was also announced – a collection of 18 PS4 first-party titles and some select third-party titles that can be downloaded by PS Plus subscribers. It’s a clear shot at Microsoft’s incredibly popular GamePass service and should be a great value to gamers.

Sony is also the first to announce a new price point for first-party games, with Demon’s Souls remake and Spider-Man both showing a $69.99 USD price tag. At today’s exchange that converts over to $92 Canadian, so let’s hope they give us a currency conversion break on that side of things. Microsoft has, at this point, held to the current-gen standard of $59.99 USD for their first-party games so we’ll see if they follow suit.

The internal SSD on the PS5 was also confirmed to be 825GB, though Sony hasn’t confirmed if that’s usable space or if the OS will eat up some of it, but either way it seems to necessitate the use of external HDD storage as a ‘cold storage’ vault like on the Xbox Series consoles.

The big question for Canadian gamers now is – can you fit these next-gen consoles in your budget and your entertainment stand?