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Indie Brawler ‘Bounty Battle’ Hits PC And Console Sept 10

New 2D brawler features 30 fighters from 20 top indie games.

Magic Design Studios Adds Photo Mode to 'Unruly Heroes'

The team at Magic Design Studios sent over news of their new photo mode for Unruly Heroes, a 2D action-adventure title that I quite liked, and they raised a good point – why is it we only think 3D AAA…

Black Future '88 Hits Nintendo Switch and PC, November 21st

Black Future ’88 reminds me a lot of Dead Cells. It’s weird, because really the only thing this synth-punk roguelike action shooter has in common with Dead Cells is the ‘roguelike action’ portion of the description. The art style is…

Review – Fight'N Rage

Fight’N Rage – available now on Nintendo Switch (version reviewed using code provided by the publisher), PC, and Xbox One – is what the development team call ‘brand new old-school’ – a description that seems odd but is entirely accurate….

Valfaris Getting Physical Release On PS4 And Switch

Developer Steel Mantis (Slain: Back From Hell) and publishers Big Sugar and Merge are teaming up on an upcoming action-platformer called Valfaris, that will be releasing this Fall via digital download for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Those…