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Children of Morta

Free Update Adds New Character to Children of Morta

Kickstarter backers create new character to add to the Bergson family tree.

Shrine of Challenge Arrives in 'Children of Morta'

Children of Morta was one of my favourite games from 2019, coming out of nowhere to surprise me – a roguelike with heart? A roguelike with a story that I cared about? The action-RPG now expands with a free content…

11 Bit Studios Release Characters Trailer for 'Children of Morta' Ahead of Console Release

Children of Morta has been available on PC for a couple weeks now, but as the console port draws nearer 11 bit studios is still cranking out trailers to help gamers connect to the game’s most unusual and endearing aspect…

Review – Children of Morta

Great writing and a clever ‘return to household’ death mechanic really help this game be more than a hack-and-slash adventure game.

Fight Evil As a Family In Children of Morta – Release Date Revealed

Children of Morta isn’t your typical ‘heroes rise up against ancient evil’ tale, though it does feature heroes – the Bergson family – rising up against an ancient evil. This is a story about the Bergson family itself, how they…