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Darksiders: Genesis 'Abilities and Creature Cores' Trailer Showcases Customization and Combat

You can say a lot in a minute, and the latest gameplay trailer for Darksiders: Genesis does just that as it shows off abilities and Creature Cores and jacks the hype meter another 10% as we head towards its launch…

Black Future '88 Hits Nintendo Switch and PC, November 21st

Black Future ’88 reminds me a lot of Dead Cells. It’s weird, because really the only thing this synth-punk roguelike action shooter has in common with Dead Cells is the ‘roguelike action’ portion of the description. The art style is…

Live Your HGTV Dreams With 'Tools Up!'

If you’ve ever renovated you know the only way to make it harder is to add more people to the job, and that’s exactly what Tools Up! allows you to do…but in a fun way. Releasing on PC, PS4, Nintendo…

Dark Envoy Gameplay Trailer Released

Dark Envoy, an upcoming RPG (roleplaying game) that blends real-time pre-combat and tactical turn-based combat, is due out in the somewhat ambiguous time frame of ‘late 2020’ but the development team at Event Horizon has already released some gameplay footage….