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Event Horizon

Review – Tower of Time

A classic RPG experience blended with a modern real-time combat system that forces strategic positioning and skill use.

Pre-Order ‘Tower of Time’ Now on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One

Pre-orders now available for 50+ hour action-RPG romp through the Tower of Time.

‘Tower of Time’ Hits Consoles This Month

Staggered launch for the 50+ hour action-RPG.

Dark Envoy Gameplay Trailer Released

Dark Envoy, an upcoming RPG (roleplaying game) that blends real-time pre-combat and tactical turn-based combat, is due out in the somewhat ambiguous time frame of ‘late 2020’ but the development team at Event Horizon has already released some gameplay footage….

Tower of Time Arrives on Consoles Q1 2020

Tower of Time has been available on Steam since 2017, but console gamers will finally get a crack at the action-RPG known for its real-time combat when it hits in the first quarter of 2020. Developers at Event Horizon have…