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‘Creator Cash’ Targets Content Creators With Banking Services

Everyone knows that the top content creators make some serious money, with the segment estimated to have raked in $15 billion last year, so it seems pretty strange that until now there have been no dedicated financial services aimed towards that growing market.

Enter Creator Cash, a new suite of banking and financing tools from ChannelMeter that were created specifically to serve the needs of content creators, whether they’re a YouTube star or have a million followers on TikTok.

Rolling out the full suite of services will take some time, but YouTube creators are first to benefit, with what sounds like robust AdSense integration. Instead of waiting for Google to get around to depositing your cash, you can access it instantly – a fairly major improvement for those still building their online business.

Interested creators can register at Creator Cash and grab the app on iOS and Android.


SAN FRANCISCO – July 7, 2020 – Starting today, content creators can get immediate access to YouTube earnings while accessing real-time earnings analytics with the release of Creator Cash, the debut product from ChannelMeter as part of the company’s first-ever bank purpose-built for content creators. Creator Cash is available now for download on iOS and Android.

“Our goal with Creator Cash is to help creators stand on their own two feet so they can treat their content and channels as a business,” said Eugene Lee, founder, Creator Cash. “We know the tools and immediate access to earnings offered by Creator Cash can be a game-changer for creators, because we already work with hundreds of thousands as part of our core ChannelMeter business. There are even more creators out there who need help navigating the financial side of their business, and Creator Cash puts the tools for financial success into the hands of all Creators.”

Creator Cash is available to any creator involved in a partnership program on any platform.  Beginning today, YouTubers can use the full suite of tools from Creator Cash, with other platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Patreon and more becoming active over the next days and weeks. 

In addition to providing early payment access, Creator Cash gives creators the tools to think about their content and channels in a revenue driven way. This resource is made possible by the deep experience of ChannelMeter, the social video analytics company that has been examining data and providing payments to hundreds of channel managers and hundreds of thousands of creators.

Creator Cash is the first offering in a suite of financial products that will debut this summer, which will allow any creator to unlock services for invoicing, investing, analysis and more as the first-ever bank for creators.

Interested creators can access Creator Cash at http://Creator.Cash or download on iOS and Android.

About Creator Cash
Creator Cash, from ChannelMeter, helps Creators get paid and run their media businesses. The platform helps speed up payments to Creators paired with analytics to provide intelligence on videos that generate revenue for Creators. Creator Cash is the first app to be released as part of the forthcoming first-ever bank of creators from ChannelMeter.

About ChannelMeter
ChannelMeter is the first company to offer a range of financial payment products and analytics designed specifically for Creators. The company has deep experience and relationships with Creators across all platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Patreon, and Tiktok. Nearly 800,000 Creators are served by ChannelMeter, and the company has processed more than $360 million in payments to these Creators since 2017, with half of that coming in just the last year.