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Review – Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a gorgeous trip down Nostalgia Lane, but it’s not the slam dunk ‘must buy’ revisiting of a classic game that I expected it to be…and it better not be another five year wait until ‘Part Two’ arrives.

Oninaki Now Available for Nintendo Switch, PC, and PS4

Tokyo RPG Factory is well-known for its ability to tell a solid story, but with Oninaki it looks like they’re taking aim at criticisms about the gameplay side of things. The action-RPG has players in the role of Kagachi, a…

Sin Slayers Mashes Together Roguelikes and JRPG

I’ll take ‘Things I Didn’t Know I Wanted’ for $200, Alex. A roguelike JRPG. What is Sin Slayers? CORRECT!! Sin Slayers is one of those ‘wait, they did WHAT?’ games where a development team says to themselves ‘hey, why don’t…