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'Death Stranding' Given PC Release Date

Death Stranding will be arriving on Epic Game Store, Steam, and retail on June 2nd, bringing the previously PS4 exclusive game to PC with some additions, including photo mode, high frame rate, and support for ultra-wide monitors. There’s also a…

'Death Stranding' PC Pre-Orders Now Available

While I didn’t love it, if you’re still pumped to play Death Stranding and holding out for the PC version you can get your pre-order in now! The game will arrive on Epic Games Store and Steam simultaneously at some…

Review – Death Stranding

Inventory management, encumbrance limits, ridiculous story, fetch quests galore, and never-ending cutscenes. The absolute inverse of everything I want in a game.

'Death Stranding' Hits PC in Summer, 2020

Now I’m not yet sold on Hideo Kojima’s newest project, Death Stranding, with the gameplay shown so far leaving me somewhat cold – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t millions of gamers who want to try it out, which makes…