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New EVERSPACE 2 Details Released Via Kickstarter Update

Kickstarter update shares major EVERSPACE 2 future content.

Review – Depth of Extinction

Depth of Extinction works surprisingly well for a small team targeting a mashup of two of the top games in their respective genres.

Monster Train Closed Beta Arrives in February

I really had no idea I liked roguelike deck-builders until I played Slay the Spire, but just as I finally wean myself off that game here comes Monster Train to pick up the slack. Developed by Shiny Shoe and published…

Black Future '88 Hits Nintendo Switch and PC, November 21st

Black Future ’88 reminds me a lot of Dead Cells. It’s weird, because really the only thing this synth-punk roguelike action shooter has in common with Dead Cells is the ‘roguelike action’ portion of the description. The art style is…

11 Bit Studios Release Characters Trailer for 'Children of Morta' Ahead of Console Release

Children of Morta has been available on PC for a couple weeks now, but as the console port draws nearer 11 bit studios is still cranking out trailers to help gamers connect to the game’s most unusual and endearing aspect…

Review – Children of Morta

Great writing and a clever ‘return to household’ death mechanic really help this game be more than a hack-and-slash adventure game.

Sin Slayers Mashes Together Roguelikes and JRPG

I’ll take ‘Things I Didn’t Know I Wanted’ for $200, Alex. A roguelike JRPG. What is Sin Slayers? CORRECT!! Sin Slayers is one of those ‘wait, they did WHAT?’ games where a development team says to themselves ‘hey, why don’t…

Fight Evil As a Family In Children of Morta – Release Date Revealed

Children of Morta isn’t your typical ‘heroes rise up against ancient evil’ tale, though it does feature heroes – the Bergson family – rising up against an ancient evil. This is a story about the Bergson family itself, how they…