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New EVERSPACE 2 Details Released Via Kickstarter Update

ROCKFISH Games had a very successful Kickstarter for EVERSPACE 2, a great-expanded sequel to their roguelike space shooter, and they’ve maintained that momentum with a well-received alpha test and constant community updates.

The latest update, shared to Kickstarter, shared details on upcoming plans for new features, as well as a look at the game’s second star system. This really is a much bigger game than the original, and changed in some fairly drastic ways to boot.

There’s a demo available on Steam if you think you might be into it, and you can grab that here, but I’ll warn you – you won’t be able to wait for this Fall’s closed beta if you do…

Here’s the press release:

New Kickstarter Update Shares EVERSPACE 2 Alpha Highlights & Early Second Star System Details

Menu updates, sneak peek at perks from a new companion, & star system Union details from ROCKFISH Games

Hamburg, Germany – July 24, 2020 – The ROCKFISH Games team is riding high after a successful launch of the EVERSPACE 2 closed alpha. Incredible reveals of closed alpha gameplay and planetary location combat were followed by the release of the prototype demo on Steam and amazing charity stream by Cohh Carnage. All of these combined resulted in over 90,000 downloads of the Steam demo and an increase to more than 155,000 wishlists for the title coming to Early Access this December.

The July Kickstarter update shares details on the game’s second star system, Union, new features planned for Early Access, and an early look at perks connected to a new companion character. 

Trading plays a bigger role in the game’s second star system, Union, allowing opportunities for the transport of legal commodities and smuggling less lawful substances. The local authorities, the Okkar, will enforce their laws at gunpoint so players will have to choose between fleeting to another star system or fighting their way through increasingly difficult waves of enemies as their wanted level rises. 

The team also introduces Dr. Delia Wendo, the third companion players will meet during their journey. This companion grants access to perks affecting Nano Bots, Energy Orbs, and an unannounced feature. 

In addition to early details about Union, the July Kickstarter update touches on gameplay changes, visual improvements, and community requested features. Find out more in the July EVERSPACE 2 Kickstarter update.

EVERSPACE 2 is planned to reach Closed Beta in Fall 2020 with Early Access on Steam is currently scheduled for December 2020. The full version is scheduled for release in Q1 2022. A demo version of EVERSPACE 2 featuring early content from the game is available as a free download on Steam.

About ROCKFISH Games GmbH
Based in Hamburg, Germany, ROCKFISH Games is an independent game studio specializing in high-quality Unreal Engine 4 action video games for PC and consoles. Industry veterans Michael Schade and Christian Lohr founded ROCKFISH Games to create new adventures for space shooter fans through their acclaimed EVERSPACE™ IP. After spending over 25 years as joint entrepreneurs in the 3D graphics space, Schade and Lohr have built the ROCKFISH Games team alongside experienced developers from across the industry.

Using Kickstarter as a platform to build a new community in 2015, ROCKFISH Games reached a runaway success with EVERSPACE™, which has sold over 1.5 million copies on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation since release. Building on these successes, ROCKFISH Games is dedicated to crafting fast-paced, open-world experiences driven by quality storytelling to delight space action fans in their upcoming title, EVERSPACE 2.

Review – Depth of Extinction

When Depth of Extinction hit PC in 2018 it was billed as a blending of a pair of classic games: FTL, a stellar roguelike, and X-COM, which is still one of the best turn-based strategy games of all time. FTL + X-COM is a tough billing to live up to, but – given the right expectations of a budget title like this one – Depth of Extinction somehow manages to be faithful to the legends it mashed together, even if it falls short of being truly amazing on its own.

Like FTL, Depth of Extinction tasks gamers with traversing a series of points on the map using their craft – this time a submarine, with each stop a different encounter: running into a merchant, finding enemies, or encountering an environmental hazard to name just a few. Not every node will need to be explored to clear the map, and on some of the larger maps a lack of fuel makes it impossible to explore them all – unless you’ve been lucky enough to gather up extra along the way.

Move to an encounter point and, if it’s an enemy-filled objective, you’ll disembark the sub and explore the area with your team of mercenaries – and here’s where the X-COM comparisons come in. The turn-based system and use of environmental cover will feel immediately familiar to XCOM vets, as will the ability to use overwatch to end your turn and provide covering fire on any enemies that move into the area. The combat is a bit basic compared to something newer like X-COM 2, Phoenix Point, or Gears Tactics, but you’ll still need to use careful movement and placement to ensure you can flank the enemy’s position while not getting surprised yourself.

Succeed in battle and you’ll gain experience to level up your characters in the class you’ve chosen from a list that includes the genre standards like snipers (Deadeye) and explosives (Wrecker). I found I was a huge fan of setting up a good Deadeye with my best weapon and Overwatch from a distance, then lure enemies into his range – just like in X-COM. It’s also a bit funny that there’s destructible cover, so when you’re moving from crate to crate, luring an enemy towards the ambush, every shot they take at you is destroying the very cover they’ll soon need…

The dialogue is well-written but the roguelike nature of the game, as with pretty much any roguelike, hurts the ability to tell a well-structured point-to-point story – the danger of giving players freedom. Personally, I’m willing to surrender a solid narrative to have the more creative freedom in character customization and deciding what missions to take and what to avoid, but I do wish I could have done more to customize my characters and make them a personalized squad.

What I loved:

  • Solid strategy action
  • Well-written dialogue
  • Diverse character classes and skills
  • All this for under $20?

What I liked

  • Great pixel-art style graphics – simple, but legible
  • Every bit the solid mashup of FTL and X-COM they claimed it would be

What I disliked:

  • Some repetition in missions
  • Inability to create my own characters or rename existing mercenaries
  • A ton of potential left unrealized

What I hated:

  • Nothing

The final word:
Depth of Extinction works surprisingly well for a small team targeting a mashup of two of the top games in their respective genres, doubly surprising when you consider it’ll only run you $18.99 Canadian.

Depth of Extinction is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One. Reviewed on Xbox One X using code provided by the publisher. A PS4 version, originally slated to release June 11th, has been delayed.

Monster Train Closed Beta Arrives in February

I really had no idea I liked roguelike deck-builders until I played Slay the Spire, but just as I finally wean myself off that game here comes Monster Train to pick up the slack.
Developed by Shiny Shoe and published by Good Shepherd Entertainment, Monster Train is a little different because you’re the bad guys – literally the forces of Hell, out to keep the last surviving Pyre burning and protect it from the forces of Heaven. Success means that Hell will burn once more, which seems like a bad thing but I guess that’s a matter of perspective…
With three play fields to defend, you’ll need to build a solid deck out of the 200 available cards and understand how to best deploy them in order to eliminate your enemies. There’s even an 8-player multiplayer mode when you’re tired of wiping out all those angels.
A closed beta will be firing up in February, so if the elevator pitch for the game appeals to you be sure to give that a shot.
Here’s the press release:


Fight Your Way Into Hell in the PC Closed Beta, Coming Next Month

AMSTERDAM & SAN FRANCISCO  Jan. 29, 2020 – Good Shepherd Entertainment and independent developer Shiny Shoe have announced Monster Train, a new strategic roguelike deck-building game set on a train to Hell. With multiple ways to customize your tactics, online multiplayer, and an array of unique gameplay possibilities, Monster Train is expected to release in Q2 2020 on Windows PC.
Hell has frozen over, and it’s up to you to protect the last Pyre from the forces of Heaven and make Hell burn once more. Monster Train adds an extra strategic element to roguelike deck-builders with three vertical play fields that must be defended at a time. Build a deck of spells and minions from over 200 cards, and position your champions on each level to protect the train and your Pyre from invaders. With five clans to combine and fight for, challenging enemies to balance your deck against, and multiple routes to take through Hell, no playthrough is ever the same.
Monster Train’s unique time-based online multiplayer mode “Hell Rush” lets up to 8 players compete against one another in time-based challenges for an exciting experience under intense pressure. Create your own custom challenges and share them with the world to see who can top the custom challenge leaderboards.
Players can sign up for a chance to experience Hell’s revolution this February with the Monster Train PC closed beta at www.TheMonsterTrain.com.
For more information, visit www.TheMonsterTrain.com, and follow @GoodShepherdEnt on Twitter.

About Good Shepherd Entertainment
Good Shepherd Entertainment publishes video games from independent artists worldwide and operates a proprietary investment platform for a growing global network of qualified investors seeking risk-mitigated participation in the $130B video game industry. Originally established in the Netherlands in 2011, operating under the name Gambitious, the Company became a full-featured publisher in 2014. Good Shepherd Entertainment is backed by some of the industry’s most notable names, including Devolver Digital, Croteam and Perfect World, all successful companies in independent game development and publishing. www.GoodShepherd.games
About Shiny Shoe
Shiny Shoe is an independent video game development studio dedicated to creating fun and polished experiences for consoles, PC, mobile and online/social streaming environments. Founded in 2011 and based in San Francisco, Shiny Shoe has collaborated with partners including Double Fine, Stoic, Oculus, and Telltale. In addition to traditional games, Shiny Shoe is introducing new types of massively multiplayer experiences like its original titles Death’s Door and the follow-up, community-driven, Mixer streaming-only game, Death’s Door: Aftermathhttps://shinyshoe.com

Black Future '88 Hits Nintendo Switch and PC, November 21st

Black Future ’88 reminds me a lot of Dead Cells.
It’s weird, because really the only thing this synth-punk roguelike action shooter has in common with Dead Cells is the ‘roguelike action’ portion of the description. The art style is what I’d call reminiscent, not similar, and hardly something I’d accuse of deliberately aping the aesthetic, and the gameplay has only a passing resemblance – no more than any other 2D action game.
And yet I can’t help but think this is what Dead Cells 2.0 – Future Edition would be…and that’s a good thing because I LOVED Dead Cells.
Black Future ’88 puts players into a post-apocalyptic nightmare where they need to find and kill their target in a procedurally generated tower while an onslaught of enemies try to take them out.
Not challenging enough? How about having only 18 minutes to make it to the top and kill your target?
Fortunately there’s a wealth of weapons, buffs, and curses to find and equip, multiple characters to choose from, and you can always drag a partner along for co-op – either same screen with each player using a joycon on the Nintendo Switch, or same-screen PC co-op (or using Steam’s new Remote Play Together feature).
[foogallery id=”9591″]
Here’s the press release:


Get revenge before the world gets you in this new synth-punk roguelike action shooter

OAKLAND, Calif., and AMSTERDAM – Oct. 30, 2019 – Good Shepherd Entertainment and independent developer SuperScarySnakes have announced that Black Future ‘88, the 2D synth-punk roguelike action shooter that is constantly evolving to try to kill you, will launch digitally on Nintendo Switch and Windows PC via Steam on Nov. 21, 2019. A special physical release of Black Future ’88 on Nintendo Switch will be available in retail stores in 2020.
Set in a grim alternate history where it’s always 1988, Black Future ‘88 puts players on a non-stop dungeon-crawling ascent against homicidal robots, cutthroats, bosses and more to exact revenge on the man who destroyed the world. As one of the last remaining survivors of a nuclear cataclysm, you’ll climb a procedurally generated tower through a merciless onslaught of fire, lasers and steel.
The only way to kill your mark before your heart explodes is strategically combining dozens of unique guns, buffs and curses. Choose from several characters with a huge arsenal of weapons and powers as you shoot, slash and dash through anything standing between you and the top of the world.
Survive this nightmarish neon-lit retro dystopia alone or with a friend in two-player local co-op, then measure your mettle against other players by taking on special daily challenges to scale the global leaderboard. Black Future ’88 will also fully support Steam’s new Remote Play Together feature at launch, letting PC players join a friend’s game online.
For more information, visit www.BlackFuture88.com, and follow Good Shepherd Entertainment and SuperScarySnakes on Twitter @GoodShepherdEnt and @SuperScarySnake.

About Good Shepherd Entertainment
Good Shepherd Entertainment is a Netherlands-based game publisher founded by industry experts focused primarily on the business of producing and publishing independent video games. Good Shepherd has built a global business based on its publishing concept that pairs talented developers with creative content, writers, musicians and IP powerhouses. Good Shepherd’s innovative funding model provides opportunities for individual investors to participate in the $130B video game industry by investing directly with the publisher on select projects. Good Shepherd Entertainment works in partnership with some of the industry’s most notable names, including Devolver Digital, Croteam and Perfect World, all successful industry leaders in independent game development and publishing. www.GoodShepherd.games
About SuperScarySnakes
SUPERSCARYSNAKES is a mostly one-man studio based in Oakland, California, established with the focus of making over-the-top action games with incredible soundtracks.

11 Bit Studios Release Characters Trailer for 'Children of Morta' Ahead of Console Release

Children of Morta has been available on PC for a couple weeks now, but as the console port draws nearer 11 bit studios is still cranking out trailers to help gamers connect to the game’s most unusual and endearing aspect – the Bergsons.
As I noted in our review – available here – the Bergsons are a highlight to this roguelike, elevating it with a narrative angle that a lot of roguelikes just don’t have. Developing the half-dozen family members and seeing their relationships change during the adventure gives Children of Morta a hook that most games in this genre don’t have.

Children of Morta launches on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One on October 15th.
Here’s the press release:

11 bit studios Invite You to Meet the Bergsons – the Courageous Family in Children of Morta

11 bit studios present a brand-new trailer featuring all the heroic members of the Bergson family

Warsaw, Poland – Sep. 26th, 2019 — Anticipation is rising as 11 bit studios and Dead Mage’s Children of Morta — an action RPG with rogue-lite gameplay and hack n’ slash battles featuring a family of courageous heroes — arrives on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in less than three weeks. Landing on consoles on October 15th, 2019, Children of Morta unconventionally marries rogue-lite character development with the engrossing plot of a family of heroes protecting the world from a vicious Corruption. Spreading from Mount Morta, the Bergsons are the land’s only hope.  Learn about the six unique guardians of Mount Morta in the brand new Characters Trailer!
Children of Morta for is currently available for pre-order on the Xbox Store and on the PlayStation Store. Nintendo Switch pre-orders will arrive soon!
Learn more at:

Review – Children of Morta

Children of Morta is unusual – a roguelike where I found myself caring about the characters.
To be fair, the Bergsons aren’t your typical roguelike characters. You’re introduced to the six playable characters one by one, starting with John, the father of the family, who wields a sword and shield, and then eldest daughter Linda, who prefers ranged weapons.
Controlling one of the available characters – the rest are added over the course of the game’s starting missions – you explore procedurally generated dungeons looking to eliminate the Corruption, a threat the Bergsons lives are dedicated to eliminating from the ancient mountain the family lives on.

When you die, and it’s a roguelike so expect that to happen regularly at first, you don’t go to a new game screen or to create a new character, you return to the Bergsons family home. Here you can upgrade equipment or select new characters to play as on your return to the mountain, and it’s also where you’ll interact with other family members and hear their tales play out.
To keep players from zoning in on their one favourite character and excluding the others, the game uses a fatigue mechanic to encourage switching things up. Use one character too many times and they become less effective in battle and need time to recover to their full abilities. I wasn’t sure what to think of being forced off using Linda and her bow, but – especially in the later levels – I was glad I had a handle on more of the characters and what they brought to the table.
There’s a difficulty spike towards the end of the game, but that’s something roguelike fans probably expect and it’s certainly not something that most players will have trouble overcoming. If you get stuck, consider switching up characters and trying a different approach.
Children of Morta is available now on PC via Steam, and coming to consoles in the future.

Sin Slayers Mashes Together Roguelikes and JRPG

I’ll take ‘Things I Didn’t Know I Wanted’ for $200, Alex.
A roguelike JRPG.
What is Sin Slayers?
Sin Slayers is one of those ‘wait, they did WHAT?’ games where a development team says to themselves ‘hey, why don’t we mash [GENRE X] with [GENRE Y] and it makes perfect sense. In this case it’s roguelikes, games with randomly generated elements that allow for essentially infinite replay value, and Japanese roleplaying games (JRPG).
Create your team, equip them with loot you’ve gathered, and try to slay the seven Sin Lords. With randomly generated maps and encounters, you’ve got a recipe for replay value.
Catch more on the game through any of their social media channels:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sinslayersgame
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sinslayersgame
Website: http://sinslayers.com/
You can add the game to your Steam Wishlist here:
Steam: https://store.steampowered.com

Fight Evil As a Family In Children of Morta – Release Date Revealed

Children of Morta isn’t your typical ‘heroes rise up against ancient evil’ tale, though it does feature heroes – the Bergson family – rising up against an ancient evil. This is a story about the Bergson family itself, how they stand against a rising corruption in the land, and what they’re willing to sacrifice to save their loved ones.
Each member of the family plays a different role, so gamers can find one that matches their playstyle, whether they prefer heavy-hitting hammers or the ranged damage of a bow. With roguelike elements, the experience won’t be exactly the same twice, and with couch co-op play for two players, it’s an experience you can share with a loved one of your own.
PC players can jump into Children of Morta, September 3rd. The PS4, Switch, and Xbox One versions will hit on October 15th.

Join an Epic Family of Heroes as Children of Morta Reveals its Release Date and a New Trailer

Warsaw, Poland – August 7th, 2019 — Publisher 11 bit studios and developer Dead Mage are thrilled to announce the highly-anticipated roguelike RPG, Children of Morta will be arriving on PC this September 3, 2019. The Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 versions of the game will launch on October 15, 2019. To celebrate the launch date announcement, you can check out the all-new trailer below.

Corruption has spread, morphing the once peaceful Mount Morta into a violent and monster-infested nightmare. Will you be able to sacrifice everything to save the ones you care for? Children of Morta is a story-driven action RPG about a valiant family standing together while the world around them is devoured in darkness. Lead the Bergsons, with all their flaws and virtues, and experience what it means to be in a family of heroes.

Children of Morta copes with themes closer to our daily lives than one would expect. It is a story of the simple emotions we all know so well — and value more than sometimes we dare to admit — love and hope, longing and uncertainty, ultimately loss and the sacrifices we are willing to make to save the ones we care the most for.

Children of Morta will be available digitally on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC at 21.99 USD/EUR. The boxed editions from Merge Games will be released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC (in Europe and Australia) alongside the digital releases.

More about the game: