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EVERSPACE 2 Hits Early Access And Games In Development January 18

Highly-anticipated sequel to EVERSPACE hits Early Access/Games in Development January 18th.

Star Wars: Squadrons Progression Systems Explained

As Star Wars fans head into the home stretch of the wait for EA’s upcoming space shooter, the development team has revealed a ton of information to satiate those fans looking to have Star Wars: Squadrons progression systems explained. As…

Gamescom – Star Wars: Squadrons Single-Player Trailer Unveiled

Jump into the cockpit of an X-Wing or TIE Fighter (along with other Rebel/Imperial ships) and battle it out in Star Wars: Squadrons this October!

New EVERSPACE 2 Details Released Via Kickstarter Update

Kickstarter update shares major EVERSPACE 2 future content.

EVERSPACE 2 Closed Alpha Releasing On Steam

Alpha backers can access the Closed Alpha build on Steam.

EVERSPACE 2 Hits Stretch Goal In Dramatic Fundraiser Finish

Just shy of 8,000 backers pushed EVERSPACE 2’s fundraising campaign past ‘fully funded’ status and then past the first stretch goal just minutes prior to the campaign’s end. It was a thrilling, if somewhat stressful, finish for the development team,…

EVERSPACE 2 Kickstarter Crosses 60% Funded

Developers ROCKFISH Games new open-world space shooter EVERSPACE 2 has passed the 60% funding mark, with 11 days still to go in the Kickstarter campaign. Backing the game on Kickstarter will grant access to the beta on Steam later this…

EVERSPACE 2 Kickstarter Hits One Third Funded With 27 Days Remaining

Haven’t heard of EVERSPACE 2 – the open world (galaxy?) space shooter from Rockfish Games and sequel to what was arguably 2016’s top space shooter? Check out this 20 minute gameplay video of the Gamescom build:   They’ve crossed $220,000…

'EVERSPACE 2' Kickstarter Campaign Targeting $493,000 US

I was a huge fan of the first EVERSPACE, despite my general dislike for games with ALL CAPS NAMES, so I was delighted to hear there’d be a sequel – even more so when I learned they were transitioning away…

20 Minute EVERSPACE 2 Let's Play Footage Released

It’s not often I’m this interested in a game that isn’t slated for release for another two years, but there’s something about EVERSPACE that’s sunk its hooks into me. Check out this 20 minute narrated gameplay trailer and tell me…