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Waylanders Roadmap Highlights Bi-Weekly Content Pushes

The Waylanders roadmap is an aggressive bi-weekly content carousel!

Hardspace: Shipbreaker Trailer Showcases Dozens of Ways to Die

Hardspace: Shipbreaker hits Early Access on Steam June 16th.

Rising Lords Hits Steam Early Access May 27th

If you’ve been waiting for a new turn-based strategy game, check out Rising Lords from German studio Argonwood. The medieval strategy game combines card and board game mechanics with action sequences. It looks promising, but if you’re on the fence…

Hardspace: Shipbreaker Developer Diary: Episode One Released

There are a lot of games out there that simulate jobs now, from simulating farm life all the way to being a professional truck driver, but none are quite as far out as Hardspace: Shipbreaker which drops you into the…

EVERSPACE 2 Hits Stretch Goal In Dramatic Fundraiser Finish

Just shy of 8,000 backers pushed EVERSPACE 2’s fundraising campaign past ‘fully funded’ status and then past the first stretch goal just minutes prior to the campaign’s end. It was a thrilling, if somewhat stressful, finish for the development team,…

Unrailed! Brings Co-op Railroad Construction to Steam Early Access

Talk about games you didn’t know you wanted until you saw them – Unrailed! hit my inbox today and it’s just an incredible premise that I want to check out NOW. Team up with up to three friends to build…


10 Trick Line Gameplay Footage Released For Sessions

It’s been a while since we saw a good skateboarding game, whether you like the more arcade feel of Tony Hawk’s games or the more realistic bent of EA’s Skate line…but that looks like it’s coming to an end as…