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Review – Gears 5

Gears 5 – for this outing the series eschews the ‘of War’ moniker it’s used since the original launched in 2006 – is a redemption story, though perhaps not exactly the story you expect going into it, and is an absolute blast from start to finish.
Series staple Marcus Fenix is still on the scene and looking cheerful as always.

Players control a couple of characters through the story, starting with JD Fenix, son of series staple Marcus Fenix, before moving on to Kait Diaz, an Outsider whose heritage is called into question and explored in the game’s early acts. The writing here is the best the series has seen thus far, moving away from the “dudebro” action movie dialog and injecting some real character-building back-and-forth into the scenes.
It’s one area the series was lacking, as despite that ‘could be a Schwarzenegger movie from the 80’s’ vibe, Gears has always had a strong base story underlying it all. Each game has layered in some complexity to the narrative, and Gears 5 takes it to another level entirely as it explores the origins of the Locust and the various offshoots of the species.
Gamers – playing solo, or with up to two friends – will explore those origins across a wide array of environments, including lush jungles, frozen expanses of ice and snow, and the blowing red sands of a desert. Gears 5 is somehow the best looking the series has ever been while also sporting easily the largest maps, and they’re locations that are open to exploration like they’ve never been before.

Don’t worry, series purists, the bulk of the game is still the tense arena-style ‘hide behind cover and pop heads’ gameplay you’re familiar with, but between those sections is an open – albeit mostly empty – world to traverse. Driving the all-new Skiff vehicle, which can carry multiple people as well as store extra weapons, in these open world areas, players can choose to go straight to the next story objectives or carry out secondary missions that pop up along the way.
While you’re free to ignore these side missions it’s not a bad idea to knock them out when you get the chance as they reward you with major upgrades for JACK, your robotic companion. You may also find some unique weapons while exploring out of the way places…
From the gameplay, which sees some minor tweaks/additions and feels faster than ever thanks to the 60 fps target, to the suitably booming audio – The Coalition nailed everything about Gears 5 to perfection. In the interest of not spoiling anything, I’ll just say this about the campaign – it felt epic in a way the series hasn’t felt in years, and it absolutely leaves you wanting more.
Fortunately, when you’re done the campaign there is more – Versus, Escape, and Horde modes* round out the offerings, plus a Boot Camp for series newbies or those who need a refresher before jumping into an Insane difficulty playthrough. If you’re new, or a long-lapsed player, be sure to check out the ‘Previously on Gears’ and ‘State of the Universe’ video summaries found in the Extras menu, as they do a stellar job of catching you up on what’s happened thus far.

There’s also My Tour, a progression system that offers 43 unlockable rewards based on completing objectives like killing 120 drones, getting 40 shotguns kills, or 30 eliminations with a specific character. The available rewards include emotes, banners, and character and weapon skins, as well as Iron – the currency used in the in-game store. With 20 characters to choose from between CoG and Locust factions, including four bonus characters that come from the Halo and Terminator universes, there’s a whole lot of extra content to collect.
Gears 5 releases September 5th for early access availability via Game Pass Ultimate or pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition, and September 10th for the regular edition. Reviewed using Xbox One X and PC, via code provided by the publisher.
* Check back at launch for details on the multiplayer modes and how they’ve survived the typically server-melting rush of players
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Gears 5 Horde Mode Trailer + Character Info

Gears 5 (the now officially shortened version of Gears of War 5) will be releasing September 10th – those with the Ultimate edition or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can play it four days early – and there’s no end to the rollout of information about the game’s various modes.
Horde mode received a trailer this week, you can catch it here.
Information also dropped on what characters will be available for play in Horde mode, at least at first, and what their special abilities and loadouts will be.
MARCUS: Marcus is a living legend who inspires those around him.

Role: Tank
Ultimate Ability: Living Legend – Any shot by him, or his nearby teammates in cover, is automatically a headshot.
Passive Ability: Damage you take slowly recharges your ultimate
Loadout: Lancer, Gnasher, Snub

KAIT: Kait is as an adaptive survivor, using her abilities to survive beyond the protection of the defensive line.

Role: Scout
Ultimate Ability: Camouflage – Kait is equipped with a thermal-optic camouflage system that, when activated, allows her to go unseen in battle. While camouflaged, Kait can execute enemies like Drones and DBs without breaking her cloak.
Passive Ability: Power from nearby kills is increased by 25%
Loadout: Retro Lancer, Gnasher, Talon

JD: JD is an officer in the COG, which means he gets access to all of the best toys.

Role: Offense
Ultimate Ability: Artillery Strike – Calls in an Artillery Strike on his marked target, disrupting enemy attacks and blowing them to pieces
Passive Ability: Every sixth critical hit kill drops a small Ammo pickup
Loadout: Lancer GL, Gnasher, Snub

DEL: As an Engineer, Del builds fortifications at the Fabricator, and can repair them, to help lock down a defensive perimeter.

Role: Engineer
Ultimate Ability: Reinforce – Summons multiple DeeBee Trackers to target enemies and buy valuable breathing space while repairing frontline fortifications.
Passive Ability: Build new fortifications at a small discount, and carry them faster
Loadout: Enforcer, Overkill, Repair Tool

FAHZ: Fahz is all about picking targets wisely and keeping a cool head to take out enemies with pinpoint accuracy.

Role: Offense
Ultimate Ability: X-Ray – Temporarily allows vision through walls and the ability to shoot through them. Nowhere is safe from Fahz!
Passive Ability: Every sixth critical hit kill drops a small Ammo pickup
Loadout: Markza, Longshot, Boltok

JACK: New to Gears 5 is a character like you’ve never played before – Jackbot! With simplified controls and a support focused role, Jack can fly over the battlefield to heal teammates, repair fortifications, pick up weapons and stun enemies.

Role: Support
Ultimate Ability: Hijack – Jack’s Hijack Ultimate Ability lets him temporarily control almost any enemy on the battlefield and give them a taste of their own medicine!
Passive Ability: Enemies that die with your Mark reduce your Ultimate cooldown

In addition to these six initial characters, you can also take the newly announced Halo Characters and pre-order bonus Sarah Connor into battle in Horde! Here’s a quick look at their abilities:
SARAH CONNOR: Able to take hits and keep going, Sarah controls the fight. She is best paired with a shotgun for maximum effect.

Role: Tank
Ultimate Ability: Heavy Hitter – All hits with ballistic weapons knockback and stun enemies.
Passive Ability: Damage you take slowly recharges your ultimate
Loadout: Gnasher, Lancer, Boltok

KAT-B320 & EMILE-A239

KAT-B320: An inspired tactician and brilliant warrior, Kat has quickly adapted the fabricator to produce more efficiently. She is able to build fortifications and repair them to establish a base for the team.
Role: Engineer
Ultimate Ability: Decoy – Projects a holographic version of Kat forward from her position, drawing enemy aggro and buying valuable time to continue her work.
Passive Ability: Build new Fortifications at a small discount, and carry them faster
Loadout: EMBAR, Enforcer, Repair Tool
Emile-A239: Taking the fight to the enemy, Emile thrives in any combat environment. He can engage at a distance with his Markza, but prefers to get up close with his shotgun and knife when possible.
Role: Offense
Ultimate Ability: Drop Shield – Deploys a dome shaped protective field that prevents any projectiles passing through it.
Passive Ability: Every sixth critical hit kill drops a small Ammo pickup
Loadout: Marzka, Gnasher, Talon

They’ve previously announced Escape mode which looks pretty fun in co-op and we got the Campaign trailer just days ago, so it’s fair to say the marketing for this is heating up.
Gears 5 launches September 10th on PC and Xbox One.

Gears 5 Campaign Trailer Channels NIN

Microsoft dropped a campaign trailer for Gears 5 at Gamescom today, and it’s something else. Set to Nine Inch Nail’s Head Like a Hole, the trailer shows Gears 5 environments, weapons, and what I hope is a boss fight and not just some random encounter…
Gears 5 launches September 10th on PC and Xbox One, with pre-orders available now. Those with Xbox or PC Game Pass will be able to play the game day one, with Game Pass Ultimate members getting four days early access to Microsoft’s fall blockbuster.