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‘The Persistence’ Hits Retail

It’s been quite a path for sci-fi survival horror game The Persistence, which started life as a VR game and was later ported to non-VR systems after achieving a measure of success.

That path continues with a retail release just in time for Halloween, as the game hits Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One today.

Here’s the press release:


This Halloween season just got spookier as the sci-fi survival horror game teleports into stores on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Liverpool, UK – Oct. 16, 2020 – Prepare to survive in the sci-fi horror game The Persistence, now available for retail on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, the Xbox One family of devices and Nintendo Switch™. Stranded aboard a doomed colony starship headed for a black hole, players must navigate through an ever-changing labyrinth, survive the mutant horde and restart the Stardrive before it’s too late. Developed by cutting-edge independent developer Firesprite Games and published for retail by Perp GamesThe Persistence is available for $29.99 USD at major retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop and Target.

In the year 2521, players take on the clone of security officer Zimri Eder aboard The Persistence, a deep space colony starship in dire straits. Caught in a black hole’s gravitational pull and surrounded by a ravenous mutated crew, players must gather resources, upgrade abilities and construct weapons in order to survive.

Key features of The Persistence:

  • Live, Die, reset – A doomed fate is surely imminent as a vast array of cloned monstrosities continuously repopulate the doomed starship to seek the player’s end. If any encounter with these foes proves fatal, Zimri’s consciousness is uploaded into a new host body, ready for another chance.
  • Fluctuating landscape – A major malfunction to the self-configuring macrostructure will alter the starship’s layout each time a new cloned body is awakened or teleported between decks.
  • Genetic reconfiguration –26th century technologies allows for genetic augmentation and manipulation of dark matter technology. Acquire unique abilities by resequencing Zimri’s DNA to improve health, toughness, and defensive abilities. Harvest crewmember DNA and create clone bodies with their own unique abilities.
  • Navigate, escape, fight and gather resources – One false move can result in an untimely death. Use the environment to sneak, hide and attack to gain the upper hand on the mutated clones. Resource gathering and weapon/suit customizations are key in order to survive.
  • Asymmetric Multiplayer – Up to two players can connect a phone or tablet running iOS or Android to the game. Players can take control of ‘Solex’ to interact with the ship’s engineering systems in real time.

The Persistence is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch for $29.99 USD at major retailers including Amazon (PS4XboxNintendo Switch), GameStop (PS4XboxNintendo Switch), Best Buy (PS4XboxNintendo Switch) and Target (PS4XboxNintendo Switch). The game is rated M for Mature by the ESRB.

About Firesprite Games
A video game development studio based in the heart of Liverpool and are dedicated to developing innovative and memorable experiences for players on cutting edge gaming hardware.

About Perp Games
Perp Games is a global video games publisher, with a proud track record of publishing award-winning titles, exciting indie games and some of the world’s most recognized franchises, from the most talented studios. Perp Games is an established and recognised global force in entertainment, bringing extraordinary and exciting games to market, across multiple formats and media.

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