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Waylanders Roadmap Highlights Bi-Weekly Content Pushes

Gato Salvaje Studio surprised a lot of gamers with The Waylanders, an ambitious Early Access title on Steam that needs some work to polish it up, but is already worth your investment of both money and time.

They’re not resting on their laurels though, and they’ve released a roadmap – view the full res image here – that’s aggressive in its promises – a bi-weekly content update schedule that includes story additions, character additions, quests, features, and bug fixes aplenty.

I’ve enjoyed my time with the game so far, and I’ve barely scraped the surface of the class system that first attracted me to it. If the studio can stick to this development schedule, expect to hear a lot more about The Waylanders in the future.

Here’s the press release:

New Early Access The Waylanders Roadmap Shares Plans For Story, Companions, and More

A Coruña, Spain – June 29, 2020 – After a successful launch on Steam Early Access, Gato Salvaje Studio has released a roadmap with details on updates coming to their Celtic RPG, The Waylanders.

As shown in this new roadmap, The Waylanders team has committed to a biweekly cadence of content and gameplay improvement updates for the Early Access title. Of the revealed updates, focus will be on added content such as added quests, early companion loyalty missions, and lore. Each content release will be followed by an update tackling in-game improvements such as missing cinematics, bug fixes, and gameplay adjustments. 

The Waylanders team is targeting an Early Access exit for the game in early 2021. More details on Early Access content updates will be revealed later this summer. 

About Gato Studio
Gato Salvaje, an indie studio based out of A Coruña, Spain was created in 2010 with the aim of becoming a benchmark in the national production of video games. In the past 8 years, they have created four games and are eagerly working on their next massive project, The Waylanders.